Uncover the hidden UX & conversion issues plaguing your WooCommerce store

Blacklight helps you find & fix the hidden design, technical and conversion issues plaguing your WooCommerce store and preventing its growth.

There's a pretty good chance your website is leaking revenue right now

You’ve probably spent a ton of money building a pretty website, but when people land on it, they just aren’t buying enough. Or maybe you’ve got a decent amount of traffic every month, but sales aren’t justifying your ad spend. Either of these sound familiar?

The truth is, building a pretty site and getting people to it is only half the battle

Even if you have the best-looking website in the world or have tons of traffic, there’s still a really good chance you may be leaking revenue with every transaction and losing potential customers with every visit.

In fact, an estimated 68% of users will abandon their shopping cart purchases.

To get the most impact for your store, you need to fully understand how visitors interact with your site and what issues prevent them from making a purchase. After all, having a pretty site means nothing to you as a store owner if you aren’t making money off it, right?

Introducing Blacklight

Blacklight is an Ecommerce Audit Service that helps you identify & find viable solutions to your site's conversion & UX issues.

Instead of just guessing what’s plaguing your conversions and hindering your growth, we’ve developed a 4-6 week intensive ecommerce site audit program. Our ecommerce site audit looks deep into your analytics, site experience, and technical stack to unlock the key issues holding your site back and uncovers ways to increase conversions, average order value and user retention.

It provides you a detailed breakdown of your store’s conversion weaknesses, technical issues, drop-off points and usability problems while also providing you solutions and ways to improve your site further.

Why you need blacklight

Blacklight is your secret weapon to improve your sales without spending a dime on ads

Uncover funnel conversion issues

Find out where users are dropping off and why.

Discover technical & performance bottlenecks

Find your site's speed bottlenecks, tech and security issues.

Find growth opportunities

Learn the latest conversion strategies & plugins to boost your sales.

Identify reasons for subscription churn

Understand why people are canceling and not coming back.


Uncover site usability issues

Find out which areas of your site are frustrating customers.

Find growth opportunities

Learn the latest conversion strategies & plugins to boost your sales.

What we do


First, we identify holes in your site

Before you can begin fixing and optimizing broken areas, you need first to identify where the problem areas lie - What's working and what's not working on your site. We use site data, industry best practices and user feedback to identify problem areas.

We put a laser focus on 6 critical areas of your site:

UX & Usability

Identify usability and UX design issues causing drop-offs.

Tech Stack

We analyze your hosting, server, plugins and general tech stack.


Breakdown of funnels, customer journey and identify holes.


Find the issues hindering site performance.


Identify possible security issues and present hardening solutions.

Technical SEO

Scan for on-site technical SEO issues that could be harming SERPs.

Our datapoints

Reports, Logs & Analytics

We examine your store reports, analytics, heatmaps, clickmaps and logs.

300+ benchmarks & Studies

We compare your site against proven industry usability and conversion benchmarks.

Customer surveys & interviews

We poll, survey and interview customers and site visitors.


Next, you'll get a detailed 30+ page report on our findings and recommended solutions.​

We build a (massive) report on our findings, what problems we identified, our recommended solutions and potential growth opportunities. You'll also get access to all the data we captured, poll results, heatmaps, and more.

We then jump on a 2-hour strategic call to discuss our findings and answer any questions.


Together, we'll design a strategic optimization plan

We’ll create a complete itemized “todo” list of tasks in Clickup or Google Sheets (depending on your preference) organized by site section and prioritized by the estimated impact it will have on your ROI and the effort involved.


Implement & test, test, test.

As an optional service, we can begin implementing solutions, A/B testing changes and optimize on a monthly basis. Or, you can take your report and hand it off to your existing dev & growth team.


Other agencies are great at building you a pretty website. We're the folks that take your sales to the next level.

A San Diego, California-based Tribe of E-commerce development, design and growth experts. We’re not your typical marketing agency that tries to do too much for everyone. Instead, we work one on one, exclusively with ecommerce brands just like yours to identify what works for you. Ultimately, our goal is to help you succeed by providing a superior, data-driven growth approach with a laser focus on skyrocketing your sales.

We're also...


How much is Blacklight?


Blacklight audit service & report

Find out the issues plaguing your WooCommerce site.

one-time fee


* Additional area coverage (such as my account, landing pages, etc) available for an additional fee.



Plus understand why customers are churning​

one-time fee


* Additional area coverage (such as my account, landing pages, etc) available for an additional fee.

Optional services:

Monthly optimization plan (optional)

Each month we'll develop, optimize, measure & test based on the tasks outlined in the initial Blacklight Report. A 3-month minimum is required.

Starting at

What our clients say


Still have questions?

When we start the program, we have an initial 30min – 1-hour kick-off call and ask you a fill a few short surveys out. After you’ve done that and given us the access we need to your site and analytics, you can sit back and relax and we gather and analyze data. Once our report is ready for your review, we’ll jump on an approximately 2-hour call to walk you through it and finalize the process.

As part of the initial audit program no. But at the end of the audit you’ll have a full task list of issues to fix and growth experiments to try. We can then help you complete these under a new project or we can recommend a partner agency to help complete these tasks.

The full audit program takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

It depends on a number of factors such as if the changes are implemented correctly, which changes where made, when were they made and more. However we typically expect to see at least a 1% increase in conversion rate, 30% boost to average order value and 300% lift in site speed once our suggestions are implemented correctly.


Make a positive impact on your store's conversions in 90 days

Schedule a free, no-obligation strategy call to see how we can help you take your store to the next level of growth.

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